Thursday, 11 December 2008

A deep and meaningful lesson

Today we watched 'Exodus', a large scale community project based in Margate. 'Exodus' was a large scale community project turned into a feature film funded and featured on channel 4. They actually have a website for the film and I really recommend looking at it - I really enjoyed the film as it left me after the lesson asking questions on society and racism, does this still go on? Although not to such a severe level as shown on the film. I think that there will always be a divide in communities as we do not live in a perfect world.
Some parts of the film were quite disturbing for me especially the dreamland that was converted into the segregated world. It probably sounds very silly but when I see dreamland in photo's or if I go there in the future it is going to make me think of this horrific world that they created which I thought was soooo scary and horrible. Another moment in the film that made me skip a heart beat was the fact that the promise land had tours of the segregated land which I thought was awful. The tour made me think of the safari tours they have abroad and made me think that in a way we are all animals!? Mad statement I know but back in the day we used to be cave men and monkeys (not very scientific, sorry to anyone reading who is biologist). I am glad I had a chance to see the film as a very large-scale community project can be done and in an amazing and successful way. The film almost gave me some encouragement for next year when I complete my community project as a project of such a large size was still successful.
Well that's me for this semester, I can not believe how quickly it has gone. I must say I had my reservations about this blog but I have really enjoyed writing about my feelings on the lessons and what I have learnt. I also really enjoy reading other peoples blogs and thoughts each week, yaaay go you! This blog thing we have going is almost a community itself which is quite fab when you think about it! I am looking forward to the next semester in 2009 (ahhhh!) which will be bigger and better and defiantly much pinker! So I hope you all have a very sparkly and relaxing Christmas and I will see you all in the new year xxx

Wednesday, 10 December 2008

No more dancing for me for a while!

Every week I attend a street dance class at Beckenham and I found out today it got burnt down by a fire! I actually can't believe it and when I saw the photo my heart sank as it is a place which holds many memories and a place were we are a community. I have copy and pasted my local newspaper article so you can see all about it :-( ................. Okay can't do that will pop the link below......

Tuesday, 9 December 2008

My drama club

I have just come home from the final performance of my year 5 after school drama club I run on a Tuesday afternoon. I am so proud of them all as I have seen them grow and become confident performers, they were so fab! Our drama club on a Tuesday is almost like a new community for me that I have become part of which I never really thought about until it ended this evening! It made me wonder if the drama club were already a community at the school and I joined it or weather I started a new community within the school community? I have put some piccy's up of the drama club performance so you can see how fantastic they are.....