Tuesday, 11 November 2008

The Musical

Yesterday evening I went to see Billy Elliot The Musical with my family for my mum's birthday. During the day I had a musical lesson and we discussed the messages and content of Billy Elliot The Musical. We discussed how it was based on a lower class family. And someone pointed out that why are the tickets so expensive when it is based on a lower class family, which makes the production less accessible for these people. And then another person made a very good point of maybe it is aimed more for the middle and upper class to educate and raise awareness on the lower class. This made me think of the lesson on Forum Theatre as we discussed that this type of theatre educates the audience.
I think that what I learn in Musical Theatre sometimes relates to my Community Theatre lessons. As in The Musical we discuss a range of musicals like Billy Elliot, West Side Story and My Fair Lady. And most of the productions have a sense of a dividing community or a close community. Billy Elliot has an example of a close community and how they go through the minors strike together. And West Side Story is a good example of a dividing community of the Hispanics and Americans.
I thought it was a truly amazing show, so if you fancy a good musical go and see it!

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