Thursday, 20 November 2008

The wonderful lesson with Fiona and Mary

Wow what a fantastic lesson! Our two lovely guests Fiona and Mary had such interesting stories to tell. I must admit when they were talking about the suspender belt I was slightly surprised in a good way as I feel it is something that can be quite personal. I really enjoyed it when they talked about the sixties as I would love to have lived in that era (I really want on of those black and white dresses!!). I have learnt a lot more about the war and I found Mary's stories quite emotional and shocking. After Mary told her war story I actually began to reflect on how fortunate I am to have such a free and wonder life and certainly some things I may take advantage of.

After Mary and Fiona had finished telling their stories, we got into groups and performed one of the stories they had just told. There were so many good stories to tell so it was a difficult decision. Our group took Fiona's story of when she met her husband which was very comical! All of the pieces that were created were very different but told Mary's and Fiona's stories well. Both Mary and Fiona enjoyed watching our pieces and thought that we had told their stories back to them in an accurate and interesting way. When we were performing our pieces I was slightly worried that they may be offended or angry inside that we had not told their stories correctly. However, I did not need to worry as both Mary and Fiona really enjoyed it and assured us we told their stories correctly! I think I enjoyed the lesson even more because Mary and Fiona were enjoying it.

On the way home from Uni me and Flick were talking about the lesson and we both picked up on how Mary was very particular with nicknames. When someone said their nickname she asked what their real name is. My nan is exactly the same as my dad's name is Philip and everyone calls him Phil however my nan always calls him Phillip! I wonder why this is? I think that it may be because it is polite to call a person by their birth name??

Lastly, a big thank you to Mary and Fiona for coming into community theatre.

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Mark Griffin said...

It was really interesting wasn't it. Fiona made an interesting obsevation when she suggested that what she was watching wasn't a story, but her life. Until that moment I'd not really considered the difference. The word story allows you some licence, but both of our guests wanted authenticity -which all of you respected.