Thursday, 13 November 2008

Reminiscence Theatre lesson 13/11/08

Today's lesson was preparation for next week. In the next lesson, two guests are coming to our lesson to tell memories from their past. We will be asking our two guests encouraging questions to help them reminiscence memories from their past. During this Tina is going to bring props and costumes which will help stimulate our guests senses which will help them bring memories back. After, Mark, Molly and Tina will take them somewhere lovely and we will have 30 minutes to re-tell and perform their memories back to them. To prepare for their visit we have to come up with our questions and research life and events from 1948 in 10 year intervals. I think it is important to do the research as I may not know every event and life style in the 20th century. And I also think it is respectful to prepare yourself. I am looking forward to our guests visiting and creating the work next week as I feel it will be a new experience I can learn from and take what I have learnt to my final project.

Molly asked the group what we thought of older people?

I have various opinions of older people as I love my Nan to pieces and think she is fantastic older person as she has so many funny and great stories to tell. I think there are many other older people that are the same. However, I have been in many situations where older people have been extremely rude to me as they think I am bad and have no rights as I am a young person. So, I have mixed views of older people but I am sure older people think the same about younger people.

The rest of the lesson we discussed the terms heritage, reminiscence, memory, nostalgia and some quotes. Each group took on a term I thought this section of the lesson was interesting as it brought up some opposing views and debate.

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